Thursday, April 5, 2012

My first.. and unsuccessful baguette!

You can call a baguette by any other name.. french loaf.. anything.. it would still smell as sweet (^^)!

I really really like crusty bread.. ok, I love bread. Period.

Anyways, I tried King Arthur Flour Classic Baguette recipe last weekend. The kind that uses a starter. I wasn't sure I should post this, but after thinking about it.. well, I am an amateur after all.. I have my "disaster" moments.. many many, in fact (^^). Still, this could work for you, as it did others. You can check out the recipe through its website king arthur flour and blog here. I think the step by step with lots of pictures is very helpful.

However, this is a very very time consuming bake. And not a successful attempt for me. I didn't get the dough right.. it was too wet (on hindsight, I now know ^^, don't we always learn from mistakes). And the bread turned out quite flat, not puffed up as it should. However, the exterior was beautifully crusty and the holes were quite baguette like.. taste-wise, a tad doughy and  a little under-cooked (><).

Anyways, this is a way way too time consuming bake! So I won't be attempting this recipe ever again. Guess if you have the time and is a very very patient person, you can do this. Well, on to another recipe! (^^)

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