Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pain aux noix.. not!

This is probably my 2nd attempt at making bread involving rye flour. Another disaster!

Today I tried a pain aux noix recipe posted by daily delicious. Her walnut loaf turned out so beautifully.

Alas! Mine just fell flat! (><). I'm sure there's absolutely nothing wrong with her recipe.. it's just me.. again. Err.. did I mention I added apricots and cream cheese cubes to the recipe, and reduced the walnuts?

I'm not sure why I can't form the dough at all.. well, what's new? This seems to be my achilles heel! So I just threw a blob of dough onto the baking paper. Nothing like daily delicious's nicely shaped loaf.. (><||)

Anyways, as flat as my pain aux noix with cream cheese and apricots was, the crust was perfect! The texture however was a goner, taste so-so, everything else so-so.. also so, so far from perfect!

Sadly, the quest for the perfect pain de campagne continues.. (><)

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