Saturday, November 23, 2013

Congo bars.. just don't reduce the sugar??

I'm afraid I've messed up the perfectly yummy (so they say! and I believe ^^||) congo bars!

Like brownies, congo bars probably needs the HUGE amount of sugar to keep it fudgy and moist. Of course, I realize that now.. ^^ So don't make the same mistake as I did of reducing the sugar!

I wish I can say this is yummy ~ but it's really so-so for me. Visually, this has a score of ZERO in my books! I'm really disappointed.

Well, no use dwelling on this.. on to other fun stuff! ^^

p.s surprise, surprise! baby pig and fatty hubby both think the congo bars are good (??!!)! could it be just me? well, i'm still not convinced.. so i'm planning to drizzle some chocolate topping over ~ at least it'll look that bit better! ^^


Mel said...

I think I agree with you if you are not satisfy with the outcome of these bars, just go ahead to drizzle some chocolate sauce to perfect it. I think it will look more nicer too.

By the look at it, it look fudgy and delicious too. These are for the party?

hui said...

you're the best, mel! ^^ you always find nice things to say to comfort me ^^ maybe i had too exceptionally high expectations for the bars. big, baby and mama pig, and fatty says it's good.. not too cakey and not too dry.. but i still don't like ~ not up to my standards ^^||
yes, they are for the party tomorrow. i'm quite afraid that no one will touch it! best drizzle some chocolate to make it more appetizing :p pray for me it works, ok? ^^