Friday, July 27, 2012

Honey chicken?

Oooh.. I love the honey pork belly posted by sook of heart mind and seoul today! The recipe actually originated from nami of just one cookbook posted sometime in june, which I obviously missed as I had yet to discover her blog then.

Looking at sook's post, I'm suddenly reminded of how much I love stuffing my mouth with a FULLY LOADED lettuce wrap! So korean! So hearty and robust! Also so satisfying and FULL-filling! Yes, I can be quite the pig *oink!oink!* (^^) 

But when I saw nami's post, I was blown away by HER honey pork belly! She styled it so deliciously beautiful.. so delicate and tender.. and almost too pretty to be eaten ^^! Don't worry, I really have no issues eating beautiful food! (^^)

Anyways, I'm inspired to cook this dish because it "looks" simply do-able! Only 4 ingredients for sauce ~ honey, oyster sauce, soy sauce and minced garlic. All of which I have, yay! Alas! I've no pork belly and too lazy to go out to buy.. So I ended up defrosting a deboned chicken thigh and some breast meat. 

And since I have no lettuce too.. I couldn't do the "pig" thing.. So I had the yummy honey chicken with finely shred cabbage. Nom! Nom! Nom! So, so, so-ooo GOOD! 

I actually cannot believe that this delicious dish, doesn't require marinating! It's so easy and simple to cook too! And no frying either! So my kind of (lazy!) cooking! I like?? I love!!! Fatty hubby too! (^^) Thanks, sook! Thanks, nami!

p.s sorry about the pictures! no style, no composition.. i know.. sorry ^^|| hope my poor pictures doesn't put anyone off trying this super-yummy and easy dish! head over to nami's and sook's blog for beautiful pictures and recipe ^^ 


Sook said...

I wondered how the sauce would taste with chicken! Looks great!

pudgy butterfly said...

chicken tasted wonderful, sook! thanks again for sharing! ^^ hui

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Hi Hui! I didn't get correct ping back from WordPress and I totally missed this post. Thank you for linking back to my Honey Pork Belly post. Now I should try chicken even when I don't have pork belly at home! Love the glaze on the chicken... Instantly make my mouth water! =P

pudgy butterfly said...

hi nami.. your honey pork belly recipe is super-delicious even with chicken! hubs and i loved it! it's so good that there wasn't any left to share with my "piggies"! ^^