Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Awesome onigiri balls

I love, love, love rice!!! (^^) 

Especially fluffy, sticky short grain rice ie. japanese or korean (read angry post here) rice! I love, love, love them! ^^ just in case you don't already know ^^!  

I don't normally keep sticky rice at home unless I'm specifically planning to make sushi or something because I love them too much! And too much rice = carbohydrates = sugar = is very bad for me! ^^|| As it is, I already eat way too much rice, even the long grain variety! 

And I love! love! love onigiri! Fatty hubby and piggies too ^^! So when I read nami of justonecookbook's onigiri post, I knew I had to buy japanese rice and make yummy onigiri ^^! She made it look so easy! All these years of consuming expensive (!!) onigiri from Isetan supermarket, I've never ever thought of making it at home.. always imagining it to be difficult (?!)..Well, nami's busted my mental block! It's even easier than making sushi! (^^)

This is my version of onigiri with salted salmon marinated with spicy cod roe (there was a japan fair going on at isetan over the weekend, and I got my perfectly salted salmon.. oh, joy! ^^). Pop over to nami's blog for the perfect step by step, and recipe ^^. Making onigiri is really a breeze!  (^^)

Er.. ok, maybe shaping them into triangles, may take more practise for some (me ^^||). So I took the easy way out and made some into rounds/balls ^^. Don't worry about the not-the-usual/traditional shape onigiri balls.. they taste just as yummy-licious as the triangle shaped ones! (^^) Just squish them a little into oblong/ovals after wrapping them up with roasted seaweed.. and you're good to go!

These onigiri with salted salmon are really AWESOME, believe me!!! We so love! love! love it! Thanks a million, nami! (^^)

p.s amateur (lifetime probationary) cook at work.. not so perfect rice balls and pics.. but it's still really tasty ^^ 


Lisa Ho said...

My family and I, must hv been 'Japanese' in our previous life...hehehe
We love Japanese food and sushi rice is such a delite.
Btw...I've read an article about why majority of Japanese women aren't big...the secret is the vinegar in the rice!!! ;P


pudgy butterfly said...

haha.. I feel the same way, Lisa.. though these days, more korean than japanese! ^^

I've had bottles and bottles of apple cider vinegar, fruit vinegars, etc.. can't say that it does anything.. yet ^^||. But a tbsp (or 2) of fruit vinegar with cold water is sure zingy and refreshing on a hot day! ^^

Anonymous said...

great issues altogether, you just received brand new reader. What could you recommend in regards to your post that you just made some days in the past? Any positive?

pudgy butterfly said...

Dear Anonymous

Thank you very much for taking the trouble to write. I'm very happy you read my post/blog.

But I'm sorry to say I don't get your question ^^|| Please excuse me and continue to drop a line from time to time (maybe?)^^ thanks!

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Hi Hui! Thank you for trying my Onigiri! Trust me, I've been making onigiri for over decades and mine is not perfect triangle. I "hide" it well in the picture, but my Japanese friends could probably tell. I'm too shy to make Onigiri to Japanese person! ;) So I'd say practice is necessary, but there is someone (me) who still can't make the right shape! ;)

Regarding rice vinegar in our cuisine - we have a lot of vinegared vegetable dishes called "sunomono". We don't use vinegar in rice unless we make sushi. And we don't make sushi rice often at home. :)

Mel said...

Just blogging over here from Nami's facebook telling us your easy way of making sushi! Your sushi 'ball' makes this looks like our Chinese Hainanese Rice which we make it into small ball too! I believe you makes this sushi balls is as easy as well as delicious and yummy too!!

pudgy butterfly said...

nami ~ it's interesting to note that you don't have sushi rice often at home.. well, if i have fluffy, sticky rice all the time, i wouldn't bother with sushi rice! ^^ the rice on its own would've made me a very happy girl! ^^
since it's not so much the vinegar in the rice.. it must be the vinegar in the dishes that's keeping the japanese people in shape? otherwise it must be the "delicate" portions ^^

pudgy butterfly said...

hi mel.. thank you so much for dropping by ^^ i agree the onigiri balls look a lot like hainanese rice balls ^^ i had a lot of fun while making them.. do hope you'll try out nami's recipe soon! ^^