Sunday, August 26, 2012

A popular korean bbq restaurant chain rolling.. downhill

It's really sad when nice (once a upon a time!) restaurants start going downhill.. on their servings!

I can truly understand that businesses need to make a profit or cover costs.. so if they need to increase their prices when the cost of ingredients/labour go up, I can accept it.  I can even understand when they downsize on the portions. But what I don't understand is what makes them think they can replace with obviously different/inferior ingredients??!! And short changing the customer, big time!

You must be thinking what brought this on? Well, I'm upset that we were short changed at a popular korean bbq restaurant! Over a bowl of rice! Yes, rice! You know how I take my rice seriously! Especially when I have to pay like 3-4 times for a bowl of fluffly, sticky short-grain rice (korean/japanese/sushi rice)! And instead of getting that, they short-change us by giving us a bowl of common long-grain rice (it's not inferior in this case, btw.. it's just different and technically costs a whole lot less!) thinking that we wouldn't be any wiser!!!

I'm sure most customers wouldn't even have noticed.. but we have been patronizing korean restaurants, namely this particular chain, since they opened their first restaurant way back in 2005 or 2006! Of course we would have noticed! We noticed when you downsized the portion of dishes and banchan.. and we noticed that you don't immediately serve the banchans.. holding back till the first dish is ready! We noticed, ok??!! But we chose to close our eyes.. and continued patronizing your outlets.

But what makes you think you can get away with the rice, DAORAE???????!!!!!!!

I can't even label this post nor can I add any smileys!!! I'm upset.. and sad, that it's come to this. You just don't mess with my rice!


Anonymous said...

What is "banchan"...?

pudgy butterfly said...

hi.. banchans are side dishes served with meals.. usually served in small portions/plates. it can be an appetiser and/or a complement to a meal.
it's usually a combo of kimchi, veggie ie. spinach, bean sprouts (see oi namul post in jan 2012), cucumber etc, fried sausages, eggs, mashed potatoes, salad, salted anchovies and almost anything else you can think of.
in simple restaurants or at home, i think people have only 1-3 banchans with meals. in better restaurants or during feasts, they may serve up to 10 banchans with meals.
the restaurants that i usually go to usually serves around 8 banchans.. and they are all re-fillable for free ^^
hope this helps ^^