Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fascinating? Exciting? Who, me?

Couldn't be.. ^^|| Not me.

I like things simple and straightforward.. always. Fascinating, exciting.. isn't something that people associate with me.. Predictable, boring would be more like it (^^||)

I stick to the tried and tested like a leech! Always choosing simple, singular and familiar foods over other "interesting" choices. And this is reflected in the food and bakes that I like to eat or make ^^.. mostly more of the same, unadventurous stuff (^^||).

So when baby pig said that my bakes were "not fascinating, but perfection" (I was quite certain I heard imperfection, but baby insists it was otherwise ^^), it really hit the nail on the head! My bakes are never fascinating nor exciting because I always bake simple, straightforward stuff! Things that I like.. with the usual ingredients that I like ^^||.. which screams BORING in every way! (^^)

And to nail the door on the cofxxn, chubby pig presented me with 4 baking books, the very next day! (^^||) Talk about timing! Sigh! (^^) Anyways, I love the books, chubby! Thanks a million! xoxo   

Guess it's time I upped my game (at least for once) for piggies' sake! So today I baked and toiled cupcakes and pavlova.. and I present you double trouble, (almost ^^) white kisses and baby pav! Watch out for the recipes soon..

The cupcakes and pavlova are ooh-la-la scrumptious and delicious!!! And definitely FASCINATING!!! Full marks from all my piggies! (^^).. just don't be put off by my pictures ^^|| it's taken at night by an amateur (me!)

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