Sunday, November 11, 2012

Velvet nama chocolates ^^

I didn't start out by making this ^^.

don't judge these chocolates by how mud-like they look! they are AWESOME!!!

The plan was to bake a butter cake with chocolate ganache frosting for chubby big brother for his birthday tomorrow. I'm not sure what made me think chocolate ganache frosting would go well with butter cake??? Well, I know now.. IT DOESN'T!!!

Anyway, to have come to this conclusion, you must know I had baked my butter cake and also made the chocolate ganache.. I even used surgeres semi-salted butter (a 1st time! and definitely the last!! not for baking!).. which didn't smell nor feel right from the beginning.. and well, it certainly didn't turn out right either ><||..

So rather than waste the chocolate ganache (200g dark chocolate + 200ml cream) I had prepared, I put the ganache back over a pot of simmering water, added more chocolate (200g) and rum (2 tbsp).. and made nama chocolates! (^^)

Now, nama chocolates  (aka royce chocolates) is something I've been meaning to make since FOREVER! the printout of the recipe shared by nami@justonecookbook is always at the top of my to-make list ^^.. just waiting for me to gather my courage to use up so much of my precious loot of dark chocolates at one go!

Anyway, just for the record, my chubby big brother, papa pig and all my little piggies just LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! royce chocolates ^^!!!

So I'm truly sorry my chocolates look nothing like nami's or royce's ^^|| Despite the pretty cool weather due to the rainy season ~ it's still too warm here for making these sweets.. the chocolate started to melt the minute I took it out from the fridge! And then, I made the mistake of overdosing with my favorite organic cocoa powder (great stuff, this ^^!).. hence, my horrendous 'dried mud' looking chocolates ^^||! But I SWEAR these nama chocolates tastes SOOOOOOOO... SOOOOOOOO.. GOOOOOOOOD!!! it's like plump, luscious melt-in-the-mouth velvet.. GORGEOUS! (^^)

Anyway, you don't need to mess up a cake to make these chocolates ^^ they are really TO DIE FOR!!! Thanks, nami for sharing these unbelievably easy, decadently smooth, dreamy velvets! (^^)

p.s. believe it or not, papa pig says he prefers these homemade nama chocolates over royce's! ^^ and big just keeps saying, mmm.. these are good.. really, really good.. repeatedly ^^ oh! happy day! 


Mel said...

I don't dare to judge this chocolate....because I know it is REAL GOOD! I have wanted to make this some time back....and trying to find the good quality chocolate to make this! And now, I wish I am staying nearby your place just to have a small piece from you first! Is it finished already?

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Hi Hui! Thank you so much for your kind compliment and feedback on this recipe. This recipe is so dangerous for my family too. My kids get chocolate overdose whenever I make this. Well, no one can stop eating!! :) So happy to hear your family enjoyed it! Thank you!!

pudgy butterfly said...

it's all gone now, mel ^^ we so love it! yes, i do wish i could share some with you.. if only we lived in the same city ^^||

pudgy butterfly said...

i'm really sorry, nami.. for not doing justice to your recipe.. these must be the most awful-looking chocolates ever ^^|| but they are unbelievably awesome ^^! all of us enjoyed it so so much! thank you! it's an immensely pleasurable and addictive sweet ^^ and if we ever move to a new home, i'm gonna install an air-con in the kitchen! ^^

The Squishy Monster said...

IF those look like mud, I wanna eat mud--looks really delicious to me! May I have one? =)

pudgy butterfly said...

Awww... I'd love to share some with you, squish ^^

Chef and Sommelier said...

Hi There! I got to know about your blog from Mel's. Yes, I was there for the same chocolate recipe that Nami, Fern, Mel and yourself had shared.

I've just made it and the chocolate now sits impatiently in my fridge waiting to be cut and shared.

You have a wonderful blog and now a new follower.

pudgy butterfly said...

aww.. thanks and welcome, chef and sommelier.. it's really nice to meet u too ^^ isn't it killing to wait for the chocolates to set?! but bet you know it's worth it by now ^^ and hope you didn't overdo the cocoa powder like i did.. looking forward to your post on the chocolates soonest! ^^