Friday, April 19, 2013

I finally did it! ^^

A chiffon cake that did not fall flat like a pancake! Yay! ^^

I know, it's easy, so you say.. that's what I think too! But after numerous attempts, and failing each and every single time, save for one (a fluke! ^^||), I've pretty much given up hope.. ^^||

But today I've finally figured out what I've been doing wrong all this time! It's 5 minutes, and not a second longer (I hear you, mel ~ don't overbeat! ^^)! Yes, you have to beat the egg whites for at least 4-5 minutes with a hand mixer on speed 3! Duh????!!!!

And it's all thanks to sonia@nasilemaklover for sharing a most detailed step-by-step to achieving a successful and fail-proof chiffon cake! ^^ No more being vague about "beating egg whites till stiff or soft peaks"! Now I know I have to beat for 4-5 minutes to get a nice fluffy, cottony soft chiffon cake ^^.

I now know too that "beat egg whites till stiff" holds different meaning for different bakes.. no more assuming what works for japanese cotton cheesecake works for chiffon cakes.. and scratching my head over why it's so easy to make cotton cheesecake but not chiffon cake!

Thank you a million times over, sonia of nasilemaklover, for sharing this super-important nugget of information ~ the key to more happy bakes! I'm eternally grateful and appreciative that you noted down the techniques and time(!) to achieving a successful, moist and fluffy-cottony soft chiffon cake, for dummies like me! ^^

Archilles heel be gone.. ^^!!!

p.s. we should not be talking cakes at night, mel.. and on scorching hot, hot days like these! i'm drenched and on the verge of melting.. but I'm extremely happy though.. i'm enjoying my "first" successful chiffon cake in the middle of the night.. and there's more for breakfast tomorrow! ^^ wish i could share this with you.. thanks for the encouragement ^^


Mel said...

Hello Hui
Bravo & Congrat to your successful bake on Chiffon Cake! I can imagine that when you are in the process of beating the egg whites and while waiting for the cake in the oven, you must be keeping your fingers crossed, hoping and hoping... And finally you must be real pleased and are enjoying slices by slices of this hot sweat out baking in this hot weather!! Sonia must be happy too that her post did make someone happy. So, from now on, I shall see more chiffon cakes from you on other flavours like pandan, orange, coffee, blueberry yogurt, etc. etc?
I'm sure the chiffon cake must be finished by now...... more chiffon cake baking during the weekend?

pudgy butterfly said...

I'm extremely pleased, mel! Chiffon cakes have stumped me for the longest time! Not any more ^^ fatty hubby ate lots last night.. and baby brother, papa pig says it's quite good and wants pandan chiffon next! Happy day indeed ^^

Chef and Sommelier said...

Congratulations Hui! Happy days ahead! :D

pudgy butterfly said...

yes, it's going to be many la-la-la-la chiffon days ahead, chef ^^