Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bon voyage, big!

My Big pig has left.

It's exactly 2 weeks today that he left for college far away in the States. I cried buckets when he left. And I cried every day for almost a week, before my tears finally dried up. I'm good now. And I'm happy he's all settled in nicely and liking the college he picked. And he's making new friends. What exciting times for him! ^^

Anyways, before he left, we had a big farewell party for him. I can tell you, Big pig was a HAPPY boy! Great company, beautiful home/venue by the lake (generously hosted by his aunt Chet) and lots of yummylicious food! What more can a boy ask for, rite! And I think we outdid ourselves with the food! But I'm sure kicking myself for forgetting to charge my camera battery and not taking pics of the mains and desserts.

As always, I volunteered to do the desserts. I made red velvet cuppies, hokkaido chiffon cuppies, apple crumble, peach crumble, banoffee slabs and key lime squares. Big made brownies ^^. I also made mini caramelized onions bacon quiches, mini caramelized onions chicken quiches and of course, macarons, for appetizers, at Big and Baby's request. ^^

my 1st successful macs!

Yup, you heard right. Macarons. The dreaded macarons. Which I've not had any success and had given up on 2 years ago, after 3-4 failed attempts! That one! Aaaaaaaargh! But what to do, my piggies want it.. so I gave it another shot. And finally.. success, at last! But macarons are still "iffy" for me.. sometimes I get them right, but not always! Anyways, I'm soooooo DONE with macarons! No more! Not for a long, long time! ^^  

leftover not-so-nice-looking macs ^^

To my dearest Big, I'm the one who's blessed to have had you to love, and to have you love me back too. So, till you come back in 9 months time.. blinkers on, and kick ass in college! Love you sooooooo sooooooo much! ^^ 


Mel said...

You should be happy for him as he is a grown up man now, I know you do. With that loads of goodies food you made on that big farewell for him he sure to feel so touch and appreciative and blessed to have an aunt like you. When he comes home, planning a welcome home party for him with loads of goodies food again?
And as for your beautiful success macarons, Im so happy for you. I love that pic where you bite on it.....its so full inside and not hollow, and that so perfectly made. Sifu.....please teach me....!

hui said...

I am no sifu, mel. The ones i get right are just by fluke! 'Cos the next thing i know i fail again ^^ll Now, your sister, sandy, is the sifu ^^ her kitty macs are so cute and well-made! And her other bakes look so good too. ^^

Hmmmm.. i didnt think of a welcome home party.. what a good idea! Another excuse to bake and eat! Haha!