Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I love my orange butter cake!

I've been thinking a lot about the luscious orange cake I made recently! Fatty hubby and I really, really enjoyed it!

It's so, so, very, very good that I decided to make 2 batches today^^ Well, also to compare unsalted Ballanytne (last bar ~ bought on sale) versus unsalted Anchor butter. Was there a vast difference? Well, not quite.. Both cakes turned out beautifully soft and moist.. No difference in texture either. The cake using ballantyne butter did however, have a "heavier", stronger butter flavor.. Would I pay more for ballantyne? .. maybe not ^^||.. But I'd buy if it was on sale again! (^^)

Anyways, I made a bigger batch today as I intended to pass some to my aunts and chubby pig.. and maybe a few to fatty hubby's colleagues who have been nice to him.. Ok, ok, you caught me! I NEEDED to bake!!! (^^)

I'm happy and "almost" satisfied! I could go on and bake some more.. but fatty's complaining (^^||).

best moist orange butter cake ever!!!

So, so moist and good.. I should have made 3 cakes! (^^)

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