Saturday, June 16, 2012

sweets from les deux garcons

I'm horrified at what fatty hubby did today! 

look what came in a box

His very nice colleagues threw him an early birthday celebration at the office with little cakes from les deux garcons patisserie.. And you know what he did? He told them to pack it up after blowing out the candle! He's so socially challenged.. I dare not think what his colleagues think of him!

prettiness deconstructed 

I can only hope that they didn't notice since they were also having breakfast at the same time.

He says the cakes looked too pretty to be eaten.. and he wanted to bring it home for me ^^. I'm not sure if I should be flattered.. after what he did. (^^||)

This is La diva ~ a yummy framboisee.. and almost as pretty as daily delicious's. (^^) I like the prettily colored layers and the very tangy sweet raspberry flavor of this cake. But I don't find it diva-esque enough..

And this is Le palladio ~ the most celebrated (expensive) cake in les deux garcons! Made up of an almond tart shell layered with joconde, and filled with vanilla ganache and white truffle (?!) mascarpone.. Rich, creamy and luxurious.. An acquired taste, no? Fatty hubby likes this best. I don't get this at all! At first bite, a strong, distinctive and pungent odor hits you ~ I thought durians! But white truffle can't possibly taste like durian, can it???!! That's not how I imagine truffle to be! It cannot! Anyways, this taste mellows and unfolds into a rich and creamy flavor which is pretty ok. But the first bite.. beware!

I find this creation most fascinating! I have no idea why! And you can tell by the many pictures I took of it ^^. Le bel ami is made up of chocolate cassis mousse, cassis cremeux and joconde base. You can taste the tartness of blackberries in every bite. I find this very pleasing ^^!

A most petite (as tiny as a button) macaron that followed the cakes home (^^). I later found out it dropped out from the top of la duchesse.. it was part of the deco ^^.

La Duchesse ~ made up of earl grey biscuit tendre, milk chocolate ganache and earl grey mousseline. This is no shy earl grey.. it shows ^^ very unique. This is one of the nicest tea-based desserts I've ever had.

And of course, the very dark L'amer ~ made of a shell of chocolate sacher, and valrhona 72% araguani mousse. A chocolate lover's dream come true ^^ I didn't think I like the "dark" side.. but I do (^^)

All this is so very nice.. thanks to hubby's dear colleagues. It's really thoughtful and sweet of them to remember hubby's birthday. I guess he must be doing something right at work. (^^)

And because of his social ineptness, I had the chance to enjoy the luscious sweet delights too (^^). Thank you.

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