Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Japanese hamburger steak ^^

I've been meaning to make hambagu steak since I caught the recipe at nami's@justonecookbook ^^.. but never got round to it because I don't keep red wine at home ^^|| My fatty hubby's a beer guzzler!

Since nami's featured in this month's issue of food&travel magazine, I knew I had to try at least one of the recipes she shared, red wine or not!

And so I finally made the very deliciously moist and luscious japanese hamburger steak for dinner today ^^! with beef broth (thanks to google!) instead of red wine ^^

As usual, I think the combination of beef and pork is brilliant! The patties turned out really fabulously moist and tender.. just the way I like it ^^. And nami's sauce (no tonkatsu, use worcestershire sauce instead!) is perfect with the hambagu! For detailed step-by-step, beautiful pictures and recipe, check out nami's blog.

You may notice my hambagu steaks are kinda pale and could've done with a few more minutes of browning, but being the terrible cook that I am, I couldn't tell that at the time of cooking ^^||! Besides having burnt more food than you can imagine, I wasn't leaving this to chance! But I assure you, they are cooked! ^^

And they are delish.. especially served with rice ^^! 2 thumbs up from my piggies! And me! ^^ Thanks, nami!


Chef and Sommelier said...

Hi Hui! Lovely hambagu steak! Who says you are a terrible cook?!

Love most of Nami's recipes ... Incidentally, I'm featuring her chocolate cake in my next post!

Mel said...

Hello Hui
The Hamburger steak does look real delicious.... you won't go wrong with Nami's recipe. And good thinking of using beef broth and worchestershire sauce as substitute. Aaah.....proven you are a good cook too.

pudgy butterfly said...

aww.. thanks, chef ^^ am greatly encouraged to work harder to be a slightly less terrible cook, haha! bet your chocolate cake's scrumptious! ^^

hi mel, thanks for the encouragement too ^^ and i can't agree with you more! nami's recipes are usually easy and straightforward, and the results, outstanding! ^^