Wednesday, July 29, 2015

An end just means new beginnings

This has been one of the longest, yet also the shortest month ever. Finally, a long series of heartbreaking events has come to an end. Even though the damage's done, I'm still grateful. For better or worse, I'm looking forward to new beginnings for all the people I care deeply about.. and for myself too. Time is a great healer, and we grow wiser from mistakes. And having the chance to make things right is the best thing one could ever have.

My dearest titi pig, I hope you'll forever remember this past year and more. In time, I hope you'll prove yourself worthy again of the trust we place in you. We may be skeptical right now, but we haven't given up on you, so you too don't ever give up on us. We are all worth your every effort and time to win over again. There's nothing more important than family in this world. And the best thing is, you have the opportunity to make things right. So do right.

To my ah chek, I will always remember you for being the uncle who took us to all the fast food restaurants that ever opened on our shore! Thanks for being the most encouraging uncle to us kids. I have and will always remember and treasure the good memories. And know, I loved you too.. even though it's minute compared to the love you have for us when we were kids. I hope you are at peace. Praying you are in a better place and is well loved wherever you are.

Yesterday, while going through uncle's things, I found some old pictures of great grandma's funeral. And I found some pictures of me at probably 3 or 4 years of age, and I'm suddenly reminded of how I was once a precious daughter too. I guess I have kinda forgotten I was ever this small. But it sure felt great to be reminded.. hey, I am/was somebody(-ies)'s "precious" too! ^^ Mum even called me her diamond! Haha!

uncle, dad and precious