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You have to know I love baking more than I like to cook. I adore cheesecakes and butter cakes (now). I love all things spicy and I especially love my rice. I also love butter! No margarine or shortening (?!) for me. I try to eat organic produce and use organic skincare products when I can afford it, not because I'm health conscious.. but I have allergy problems and a poor genetic makeup. 

I love reading and am in awe of all the fabulous food blogs out there (see some on the left panel). I'm always amazed by the effort you, my dear bloggers, put into crafting beautiful edible works of art, styling, photographing and posting consistently. And most of all, for sharing recipes unconditionally ^^. I'm sorry I hardly ever leave any encouraging or thank you remark.. the mind gets cold feet (I'm exceptionally reserved and shy)! But I'm working on this.. so should you see me dropping a line in your blog, do say hello ^^.. lest I run back into my shell. And feel free to drop me some encouragement too! ^^

It's funny that while I hated home economics classes in school, it was baking that I found solace in, during a most difficult time. Now, I'm happy when I get to bake.. and happiest when family (my darling piggies) and friends enjoy what I get right (and wrong, sometimes!) ^^

thanks for dropping by!
hui ^^


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