Sunday, December 4, 2016

Till we meet again

This has been a year of goodbyes.

One of my besties lost her dad a week-some ago. A good blogging friend lost her beloved mum. Chubby pig had to put his loyal rottweiler, Bravo, to sleep. And Big and Baby pig sent their fearsome fighter rabbit, Yeti Little Paw, to bunny heaven.

It's not easy to lose someone we love and care for. I know.

For again, I have lost someone very dear.

The dreaded C took aunt away a few days ago. It was a verdict we fought tooth and nail over, but as with most death sentences, no appeal worked. The only consolation out of this was that she was never in pain, and her discomfort minimal. God has been kind. 

And I'm grateful. For Sei Yee is the bestest, kindest, most supportive aunt anyone can ever be blessed with.. she's that angel, heaven sent to watch over us kids. She is unconditional love and care. She is nasi lemak, pancakes, tea, cakes and all so food, i mean good. 

My love affair with butter and old fashioned butter cakes, came from her. I will bake a butter cake in her honour, once I get over this dumpy feeling.. which I know will pass. Cos I know she's already in a better, beautiful, peaceful place with mum and uncle.   

Surprisingly, I'm not crying as much. I'm worried cos that's rather unusual for me. I do wonder if it's cos I've been crying so much the last few weeks when she was hospitalized, that there's not much tears left. I'm fearful I'm in denial, and my feelings are all boxed up and the storm will come, and it'll be a tsunami. I pray not. 

Yet, I'm hurting somehow and I don't sleep very well. The heart feels empty and tight right now. I just hope all this will pass soon.  

For now, I will reminisce over the good memories. And hold her in my heart for that bit longer.

She has fought the good fight. She has finished the race. She is in a better place.

 Here's to finding comfort and peace soon for all those who have loved and cared deeply.