Sunday, March 11, 2012

Karaage from Isetan food market

We love karaage! I love karaage! Had to have some today!

See what osaka did to fatty hubby and me? (^^) Nay, it's not osaka.. I've always loved karaage. Piggies too. Fatty hubby's a recent convert, though.. maybe because we didn't leave much (or any) for him to eat most times (^^)! We can't help it! Don't you know, the early pig gets the pork??!

I really like the karaage at isetan food market in klcc.. and the grilled scallops in teriyaki sauce there too. Yes, we go all the way into the city just for this. We love to eat, remember? (^^).. and I can't deep fry (><)! But I'm really going to put an effort in making this. Look out for my version of karaage soon!

Since the karaage is kinda salty, I really like it with lots of rice (^^). And you should have noticed by now, I always need to have some vegetables with my meals.. so I blanched some broccoli. It's kind of a psychology-thing with me, that I need to have veggies with meals. It's my weird way of feeling "healthy" and more importantly, "balanced" when I get my veggies.. I really try to be good! (^^0|)

A simple, satisfying meal! A happy day! la-la-la..

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