Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dinner alone made special with avocado ^^

Guess what I found while browsing at tonjiro recipes last night?

An avocado chicken parmigiana recipe at the fussfreechef! ^^

I was totally craving for cheesy food after looking at squishy angie's super bowl food ideas pics! And I had an avocado to clear too. So what luck ^^ to stumble on to a recipe which combines the two!! ^^

This is an easy recipe made super-duper easy (and fuss-free, true to the blogger's name ^^!) with just boneless chicken (salt/pepper to season), egg, milk, breadcrumbs, tomato ketchup ^^, grated mozzarella and avocado ^^.

It's so easy, there's really no need to measure as per recipe, unless you really want to. Ok, lazy moi didn't.. it's a bit of this and a bit of that, and it still turned out amazing ^^! And I love how the fussfreechef omitted the use of flour and replaced tomato paste with ketchup ^^. This is so my kind of cooking! ^^

The avocado chicken parmigiana is not only gorgeous to look at, it's exceptionally delicious too! The flavors are amazing! Thanks for sharing, esther@fussfreechef and ellena@cuisineparadise ^^

p.s. since fatty hubby had dinner with clients last minute, I gave his share to piggies.. mr-difficult-to-please, papa pig, loves it! big and baby couldn't get enough of it! and mama pig barely had a bite ^^! this chicken parmigiana with avocado is definitely a winner! ^^


Mel said...

Hi Hui
Looking extremely delicious healthy dinner you had here. I have never attempted using avocado in my cooking. Just curious how many little piggies you had? They are bless to have tou cooking delucious meal for them.

Chef and Sommelier said...

Hi Hui! I'm convinced... will make this for kids... checking out Esther's post now!

pudgy butterfly said...

hi mel.. you really, really need to try this super easy recipe.. but if you're not big on creamy/cheesy pasta kinda stuff (like me!) go easy on the avocado and cheese.. otherwise, just share ^^ i had a boneless chicken leg (with some lettuce n kimchi) by myself, and i've never felt so full in my life! i can easily eat 1 1/2 chicken usually, and that's with rice too ^^

i actually have 3 'little' piggies/nephews = big, baby and chubby ^^ papa pig is actually my 'little' brother and mama pig's his wife.. big, baby, papa and mama conveniently lives 2 floors above my apartment ^^.. so they're my guinea pigs/dbkl most of the time! ^^ chubby pig (my youngest nephew) and his parents aka my chubby 'big' brother and chubby sil lives a little further away.. so it's sometimes harder to share food with them.. btw, none of my family members are in the category "thin"! haha!

hi, chef.. they are soooo yummmmy! your kids will definitely enjoy it! ^^

Mel said...

Hi Hui
Thanks for "introducing" your family members to me....hehehe....I always thought papa pig is your hb and your piggies are your children... well it is good to have family members staying close nearby to each other. Me...sad...all my family members stayed in Auckland..and I miss my mum so much. Going to visit her in March or April for 3 months.

pudgy butterfly said...

i have a big kid in the house ^^ = fatty hubby.. i know for sure i can't handle another!

i didn't realize you had no family here, mel.. i thought your family was here while you lived in nz for a while.. holidays must be tough on you.. never mind, you'll get to see them soon ^^ er, does that mean you'll not be blogging for 3 whole months? that's not good..

Amy said...

Oh yum! Now you've got me craving for some cheesy goodness. This looks so good. I happen to have some avocado to use up. This dish would be perfect.

The Squishy Monster said...

I love how accessible and delicious this is! Mmm, yummy, it's what's for dinner =)

pudgy butterfly said...

thanks for stopping by, amy ^^ hope you try this recipe soon and enjoy it as much as we did! ^^

hi there, squishy, my cheesy partner in crime! thanks to you, i found this easy, delish recipe.. it's a keeper! hope you've had the chance to make it already and love it as well! ^^

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

I love eating avocado this way! Wow it looks so good and it will be a hit for my family who loves deep fried chicken, tomato sauce, cheese and avocado! Have to make it soon. Like the new variation of Chicken Parmesan!

pudgy butterfly said...

i have no doubt this easy delicious baked chicken will be a hit with your kids and hubs! hope you try it soon! ^^