Friday, February 1, 2013

Oops.. it's february already!

this galette really tastes better than it looks!

Ok.. losing weight to fit into a cheongsam is a lost battle.

Not when there's so much temptation and feasting for the eyes with the many yummy-licious CNY goodies posted online! And well.. some pineapple tarts and mini fried shrimp wanton rolls may have already found its way to the tummy and thighs too ^^||!

Anyway, moving on.. ^^

I don't bake CNY cookies. That's aunt's domain. But that doesn't mean I don't drool after the many CNY bakes posted ^^ There have been many times where I've been tempted to run into the kitchen to bake a batch of cookies! But in the end, common sense prevailed.. I'm no cookie monster (and papa pig's watching! ^^||). And so I shall continue to feast and lust with my eyes, over others' (I mean you, of course! ^^) tempting delicious CNY bakes and dishes. ^^

Since I've been taking it really, really easy and not baked for weeks (aren't you happy, papa pig?), I offered to bake gougères and nami's japanese cheesecake for big pig's sleepover today ^^. And I threw in a super-duper easy country apple galette (recipe by jacques pépin) last minute since I remembered I had to clear off some apples to make way for sweet tangerines ^^.

So I'm pretty happy and satisfied ^^ especially since knowing the boys enjoyed it all! ^^

Meanwhile, I'm saving tummy space for all the new year goodies coming my way! ^^


Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Ohhh this apple galette looks so delicious! I love how you chop up apples like that. Very cute and easy for kids to eat - great idea!

pudgy butterfly said...

i really would've liked to slice the apples thin and placed them in a nice concentric pattern.. alas! i know my limitations at producing delicate work ^^|| hence the chopped apples! ^^ but you're always so sweet and encouraging, nami.. so, thank you ^^

i'm lucky piggies and their friends aren't too bothered about presentation.. well, they're boys, and teens to boot! ^^ lalalala

Mel said...

Hello Hui
I really missed you when you have not posted anything for weeks, you know. need go on that after the CNY lor. Your apple galette look really beautiful baked, serious! If I were to bake this, I have to slice thin the apples cos my dad tak ada gigi LOL! Ok, don't bake CNY cookies, so what about CNY cakes?..hee..hee... I should have courier some cookies to you.

pudgy butterfly said...

mel, i was trying to get rid of the fat from christmas and new year!!! but i give up.. will try harder after cny! haha! i missed not baking too!

btw, the baked apples are really not hard at all.. don't have to slice thin if you are short of time. i always use fuji apples for baking and they always turn out wonderfully sweet (can use less sugar!) and the texture just right (soft yet not mushy). am sure your dad will have no problem ^^

Chef and Sommelier said...

Hi Hui! Your galette does not look that bad what?!

BTW, we are all curious to see you in Cheongsam! Post a picture! :)

pudgy butterfly said...

thanks for the kind words, chef! ^^

haha.. sorry to disappoint.. since i'm pudgy right now, there's no way i can fit into a cheongsam and do it justice ^^

Cathleen said...

Wow, this looks fantastic!! I didn't know what a Cheongsam was, so I looked it up. They are gorgeous, I think everyone should wear them all the time :)

pudgy butterfly said...

thanks, cathleen ^^ cheongsam aka qipao are really pretty.. though very few people wear them on a daily basis now.. unless you worked as a waitress in a fancy chinese restaurant. these days, it's sometimes worn on special ocassions/events like weddings or chinese new year.. ^^ since it's so pretty, it can get pretty distracting at the work place, don't you think? ^^