Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dinner for fatty hubby

Welcome back fatty!

Well, it's not like he's been away for that long. But I do kinda miss him when he's not around (^^).

Anyways, I still have lots of food to clear before our short holiday to Osaka. So I decided to make whatever's available and clear some space in the fridge and kitchen.

And this is what I came up with tonight ~ a weird combo of japanese, western and asian dishes for dinner. Here's my "cheat" dinner.

Japanese potato salad with boiled eggs (my version)

5 medium potatoes, boiled and mash or leave it cubed (according to own preference)
2 boiled eggs, mashed
Some carrot, minced or finely sliced (optional)
Some minced japanese cucumber, minced or finely sliced (optional)
Some sweet corn (from can, optional)
Salad cream to taste 

This is my cheat version of the japanese potato salad using salad cream. Just mix everything up and voila! you have japanese potato salad! I added boiled eggs because I like the thought of eggs in my salad like in caesar salad, and to make this salad creamier (not to mention higher in calories!). By the way, the salad cream and sweet corn's from the tuna pasta dinner.. yup, it's been sitting in the fridge and freezer that long!

Luncheon meat with yellow onions

Luncheon meat, diced
Yellow onions, sliced

A super easy dish. Just stir-fry eveything together till onions are soft and cooked. No need to add oil. Luncheon meat has lots of fat already!

Normally, you would not find luncheon meat in the house.. or instant noodles. Not that I don't enjoy them, but I'm trying REALLY hard not to eat so much processed meat, preservative and MSG-laced food. I think we get enough of those whenever we eat out as it is. So I avoid keeping them at home for fear of the "easy-way out" temptation. But these are really leftovers from my quiche bake a few days ago.. And luncheon meat with onions is really quite quite wonderful with rice! Luncheon meat is wonderful with anything, and on its own too.. sigh! STOP! I really can't have too much of it!

nicely balanced, sweet onions and salty luncheon meat

And my final piece de resistance ~ lightly boiled tomatoes (^^)

Well, this may not be the most balanced of meals. But I did what I could with the limited resources that I have in the kitchen. I wish I had some greens, but greens don't keep very well. And I was too lazy to go the the store to get some.. guess tomatoes will just have to do!

Does this look like breakfast with rice to you? I did say it was an "exotic" dinner, didn't I? (^^)

Cheat's dinner! Or breakfast, minus rice..

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