Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Luscious japanese cheesecake ^^

Papa pig's away ^^!!! The mouse can now come out to play! Yay! ^^

Missed the last window of opportunity 2 weeks ago when papa pig went away for business.. didn't realize he was away till it was too late. Since he left yesterday and will be back this thursday, I'm not wasting any time!

So I got right down to work on nami's japanese cheesecake recipe and also made david lebovitz's chocolate chip cookies dough last night! Busy, busy, busy bee is me ^^ lalalaala..

Well, the cheesecake's ready today after sitting in the fridge overnight. And it turned out really, really nice ~ lusciously light, moist, creamy and cheesy ^^ the taste of rum was however not evident (??).. maybe I should have added a little more generously ^^.. ok, next time.. (^^)

In line with our diet (???), I only made half the recipe and tweaked it a teeny bit..
1. Used 250g cream cheese instead of 200g (couldn't resist using a bit more cream cheese ^^)
2. Reduced flour to 30g instead of 40g.
3. Reduced sugar to 30g instead of 50g, for the meringue.
4. Baked at 150C for 1 1/2 hours (water bath), using a 6-inch round tin.

This cheesecake though light and fluffy, is not as light/ airy/spongy as japanese cotton cheesecake.. it's also more creamy and cheesy tasting. Well, we like this cheesecake better than the super-light one ^^. You can imagine this cake's texture and taste as in-between dense-creamy cheesecake and feather-light japanese cotton (sponge) cheesecake.. delicious ^^!

Anyway, for this delicious and easy cheesecake, check out nami's blog for the recipe and best step-by-step ^^. Hope you enjoy this luscious homemade cheesecake as much as we did! (^^)

p.s maybe we've been deprived of cheesecake for waaay too long.. big thought this was gorgeous ^^ and fatty hubby verbally (he's normally a very non-verbal person) voiced his approval ^^ 

p.p.s sorry for the overload of pics ^^|| i thought the natural lighting was wonderful today ^^ and my little point and shoot did well ^^ just ignore the WIP styling/composition.. there's none ^^ 


The Squishy Monster said...

This is my favorite pastry HANDS DOWN! I can't wait to try this! *DROOL*

Mel said...

OMG, OMG, OMG!!! It is so beautiful.... Whenever I look at others well baked cheesecake, I am full of envy! I have failure in baking cheesecake though I followed careful with the steps but still it didn't turn out well. Sigh...
Your cheesecake must be delish... may I have a slice please?

pudgy butterfly said...

cheesecakes are my no.1 love too ^^ and these were delicious! you've got to try this recipe, it's pretty easy ^^

pudgy butterfly said...

mel ~ i find cheesecakes fail-proof ^^ that's why i love it more than anything else! unlike other cakes esp. chiffon cake ^^||.. but i had no problems with japanese cotton cheesecake which is kinda like chiffon cake.. weird, right?

anyways, i do have a small slice left.. you sure that's enough? fatty hubby and piggies all had to have 2 slices to feel satisfied ^^

Mel said...

Know what, I'm back here again looking at your cheesecake..... oh...Serious, I feel like having a piece now. See, you are better than me .

Lynna said...

I love reading Nami`s blog and I`m happy to know you succeeded in making her Japanese cheesecake. I really want to try making this one day.

pudgy butterfly said...

this is a really easy and delicious cheesecake, lynna.. made them again yesterday with even less flour (20g).. but noticed cake has slightly more cracks than this one.. but it's still as delicious ^^

Lisa Ho said...

Oh my Oh My... looks so lovely and cottony and dreamy...:D

pudgy butterfly said...

this is a lovely not too dense, not too overly-light (fluffy) cheesecake ^^ it's just nice, lisa! ^^

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Hui, thank you so much for trying this recipe, and I'm really impressed how perfect this cheesecake looks!

I hear Japanese "cotton" cheesecake often in Asian food blog, but we don't really have that name of cheesecake in Japan. :) This cheesecake is typical (souffle) cheesecake you find in Japan. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

p.s. I'm sorry it took me a while to get to this post (and again I didn't get ping back despite you correctly linked back to me - if there are other recipes I missed, please let me know).

Asmita said...

I love reading Nami's blog and happy to have discovered yours. Your cheesecake looks perfect!

pudgy butterfly said...

the cake's perfect because your instructions were so detailed, nami ^^ btw, cotton cheesecake over here is a little like chiffon cake ~ uses a whole lot more eggs.. it's very light and fluffy/airy.. they are nice, but not that preferred by my "boys" ^^

don't worry about not getting back/dropping by.. am sure you have a ton of "mail" to get back to ^^ an occasional "hi" is already super nice ^^

pudgy butterfly said...

hi there, asmita. so nice of you to drop by.. cake turned out really well because of nami's easy and detailed instructions ^^ hope you'll try making them soon ^^ you'll love it!