Sunday, November 18, 2012

a first "baby" party ^^

Since papa pig complained that I bring baked goods "every other day" (which is an exaggeration, of course!).. I've been trying my hardest to lie low. And it's been a tough, long week.. ^^||

Well, since I couldn't bake, the "time-out" was spent on planning baby and big's upcoming parties ^^. And fnally, yesterday, I got to bake to my heart's content for baby's birthday pool party ^^!

It's a first for baby (or big), having a "real" party with lots of friends over ^^ Usually, birthdays are celebrated with family or a few friends. Piggies have never asked for big parties.. But with baby turning 11 this year, mama pig thought it was now or never, that baby gets a birthday party to remember! ^^

Here's what I made for baby's pirate-theme pool party ^^ nami's japanese cheesecake as requested by baby for his birthday cake, my summer skies and all things nice cupcakes (best moist and fluffy butter cake with swiss meringue buttercream and caramel sauce) and a surprise cake, pirate dan's loot (devil's food chocolate cake with chocolate ganache) ^^

nami's immensely popular cheesecake ~ the first for seconds and the first to go ^^

Aaaahhhh.. bliss. I'm so happy I got to bake, and all the cakes turned out okay ^^ Their friends were really sweet and encouraging about the cakes.. though I did hear one of baby's friend say the cupcakes were not sweet enough *gulp*.. Well, if I'm ever baking cakes for other kids again, I'll definitely pile on the sugar! ^^ Luckily, no complaints from the adults ^^

more, more sugar! more, more caramel, please! ~ we're kids, we live for a sugar rush!

So did pirate baby like his personalised cake? YES! And that, is good enough for me! ^^ Happy day.. lalalalala.. ^^ 

p.s. baby had a totally zoned-out best party ever!!! chef papa pig's barbecued chicken were excellent, for the record ^^ and i "rewarded" myself with yummy instant noodles ^^


Spikes said...

Wow! The treasure chest look good. Wish I was there

Lynna said...

These are sooo cute!! I really like the treasure chest too!

pudgy butterfly said...

awww.. thanks, fatty ^^

pudgy butterfly said...

thanks for liking my maiden amateurish attempt at a theme-birthday cake, lynna ^^ i think it's cute too ^-^

Mel said...

Me too..... I loves the gold coin chest! Anyone who receive this will be totally in awe!! The cheesecake looks so perfect 10! You must be pleased with everything turn out perfect.

pudgy butterfly said...

i prayed every time i put a cake in the oven ^^ and yes, baby pig thinks the treasure chest is the 2nd best thing out of the whole party.. pool wrestling came in 1st (boys!)! i'm thankful everything worked out as planned, mel ^^