Saturday, January 5, 2013

Indulgent brownie with raspberries

I love chocolates.. pure and straight ^^ however, chocolate cake/pastries or chocolate-anything has never been my first line or preferred sweet/dessert (runs in the family ^^).

But, I will concede to these.. the ultimate sinful moist chocolate brownie with raspberries and chocolate chips! ^^

This brownie really has a "WOW" effect.. We've made them so many times to share with friends because they are so easy! And extremely popular at parties ^^

I made them again yesterday upon an aunt's request and added raspberries for the ultimate treat! And they're wonderful! Lusciously moist, yet still a little cake-like and decadently fudgy! It's something that makes people go.. "mmm, this is good", at first bite ^^ ok, maybe it's just us piggies ^^ ^^ ^^

I'm not really inclined to chocolate cakes or choc anything else, but this brownie is seriously good! my favorite chocolate bake ^^

p.s. same p&s camera, same cake.. compare pics above and below from an older post.. barely a year apart.. how different my pics look ^^ i know now it's because of the natural lighting! so thank you again to all who shared this tip ^^ 

how do you like my old pic taken at night, pre-pixlr enhanced days? ^^


Mel said...

Hello Hui
I have been searching for the best brownie to bake....though I haven't even had bake one yet. I prefer the brownie more on cake texture rather than the gooey type. Yours seem to be good....feel like having a slice now ...even if it is already 9.30pm. Taking food photogrpahs need alot of lighting ....which I have difficulty incapturing perfect and sharp my home doesnt have much lights coming in.

Chef and Sommelier said...

Hi Hui!

You mean the 2 photos were taken one year apart? They look the same to me... or am I missing something?

pudgy butterfly said...

hi mel, you should really try this easy brownie.. it's really really good ^^ and i'm very very very particular with brownies (i used to dislike all the brownies i've eaten except one!)! ^^ just so you know how good this is!

i have the same problem catching good lighting at my place too.. and i can't afford those professional lighting/camera/lens either ^^|| besides, my priority lies more in spending money on good food, haha ^^ ok, honestly, i don't have the skills to take pics.. in any condition! ^^

pudgy butterfly said...

hi chef.. oops ^^! thanks for pointing my boo-boo.. the 2 pics are the same of course ^^ guess i wasn't clear about comparing these pics against pics in an older post, which i took at night, pre-pixlr enhanced days ^^|| will fix problem shortly.. thanks! ^^

Lisa Ho said...

Must say I love brownies but so takut that all those I ate will straight go to my tummy and butt ;P

No worries Hui... we all start from somewhere and progress. I felt the same and had a good laugh looking at my old photos...followed by the sense of achievement when I start comparing the 2.

pudgy butterfly said...

hi lisa.. these brownies are sure to end up in the tummy and butt ^^ they're totally sinful!! but we love it! ^^ die or not??! ^^

and many thanks for the encouragement ^^ it's gonna be a long, long (permanent!) process for me, as i don't put enough effort in my photo-taking/styling/composition.. as i usually can't wait to eat! wish i could "automatically" churn out gorgeous pics like you do ^^ thanks again for being sweet ^^ have a nice day, lisa ^^