Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Very danish butter cookies ^^

This bake is very much for fatty hubby, a butter cookie lover.. And of course, I fell for the "throw everything in and mix" by travellingfoodies, hook, line and sinker!

When I bake, I never think too much, especially if it's a straightforward recipe (I'm more than happy it's simple ^^!). But if you like, there's an in-depth post by travellingfoodies to perfecting these butter cookies. I recommend that you not think too much. Just follow the simple instructions and enjoy the bake ^^!

Klassiske vaniljekranse, danish butter cookies (posted by dreamer'sloft, original from travellingfoodies)
1 egg (60g)
200g butter
130g icing sugar
320g flour
2 tbsp vanilla paste (I used 2 tsp vanilla extract.. no prob ^^)

1. Place everything in a mixing bowl and mix on the lowest speed possible.

2. Pipe wreaths onto lined/greased baking tray. Use an open star tip ie. Wilton 1M.

3. Bake in a preheated oven of 200C for 7-8 minutes.

4. Leave to cool slightly before removing from cookie sheet/tray.

Really, that's it. All butter cookies recipes are really this simple and straightforward! ^^ 

I used my precious Lurpak unsalted butter and my 11 months old homemade vanilla extract for this bake. And piped wreaths for the first time in my life ^^! It's a wonder I got any right! ^^

Well, fatty hubby and piggies sure enjoyed these cookies fresh from the oven ^^. I didn't.. well, not at first bite. I thought they were rather plain and not quite buttery enough ^^||. HOWEVER, these cookies were ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL once perfectly cooled/rested/next day ^^!!!

They taste just like kjeldsens butter cookies! Full butter flavor and aroma! ^^ I must remember patience is a virtue when it comes to most bakes! Ooh, yums! ^^


Mel said...

Hi Hui
Danish butter cookies are one of my top favourite cookies but I never knew why I still have not bake it myself instead buying it. You have indeed bake these cokies looking really beautiful; and in fact better than those bought ones. I can munch and munch on this non stop and I can these cookies are addictive to me. Being you as a butter lover, i think i can call you "Butter Lady" hehehhee..... and Mel..Ms Kumquat.... lol..

pudgy butterfly said...

hahaha! you're so funny, mel! butter lady and ms kumquat ~ i really laughed out loud when i saw that! ^^ you really know how to make my day!

Chef and Sommelier said...

Hi Hui! We all grew up eating and loving kjeldsens butter cookies! Did you keep your cookies in the blue round tin? :D

pudgy butterfly said...

i didn't, chef. wish i did, now. kjeldsens was a real treat for us too! but you can so easily make them with this recipe ~ it's just like the real thing! ^^

Amy said...

I love butter cookies too. These really look wonderful and I can't wait to try. :)

pudgy butterfly said...

these are really yuummmy, amy! ^^

Lisa Ho said...

hahaha... must be something in the men chromosome that makes them love butter...my hubby too loves anything to do with butter; butter cake, butter cookies... ;P

pudgy butterfly said...

i didn't notice that till you pointed it out.. it's true! haha!

Lynna said...

I MUST bake these one day. I loved eating these cookies the most in those cookie assortment boxes! I love me a good, straightforward recipe, as well!

pudgy butterfly said...

do! these are easy yet oh-so delish! ^^