Sunday, August 11, 2013

Carrot cream cheese cake

This is a cake that sounds and looks better than it tastes, if that's possible ^^||! Well, at least in my mind, that is.

Don't get me wrong, this is a good cake (recipe from houseofannie) ^^. It's just that I had built up the wildest, imaginary taste and flavor for this cake in my mind.. soft, gooey cream cheese swirling in the midst of cake.. just like my favorite rye bread dotted with lots of cream cheese and dried fruits ^^. Alas, the actual cake fell a little short of the one that I had dreamt of. No fault of the recipe.. it's just me.

I've made carrot cakes using the butter creaming method before and the cakes were numero uno good! So I had a higher than high expectation for this cake with the addition of cream cheese in the cake batter itself! But this is a slightly different recipe, and I now know I made a few mistakes, which I must remember whenever I make carrot cake again.

1. Use brown sugar! Previously I had only used brown sugar in all my bakes ~ hence all my carrot cakes looked golden brown, not golden yellow! And tasted a little different too..

2. Cinnamon. I forgot this time round ~ hence the lack of a subtle layer of zing..

3. Use more carrot! This recipe called for 200g, I used a bit more ~ 2 medium carrots.. And it's still not quite enough! Use at least 3-4 medium ones!

Back to this cake. The cream cheese (go all out ~ use 250g! ^^) in the cake is a wonderful idea! Cake looks amazing when sliced! ^^ And tastes delish too! The subtle cream cheese filling goes really well with the cake. ^^ Check out houseofannie for the recipe.

Well, it's finally Sunday today.. my last cook-and-bake-out marathon day. I'm happy to report I've had a really productive holiday.. cooking and baking to my heart's content ^^! And not spent on mall crawling ^^||.

And to end the long weekend with a bang, I have melt-in-the-mouth (I hope ^^!) maple chipotle pork ribs baking in the oven ~ Cheers! ^^


Mel said...

Hi Hui
Oh, you are still in "search" or trying out new recipe for carrot cake? My last bake on the carrot cake, I already feel that is the one best carrot cake and therefore hesitated to try out new recipe eventhough my sister urged me to out hers.
Nevertheless, whether this cake is good enough or not, it should stop your crave for your long weekend and you can put up your feet and enjoy the rest of the Sunday. But not forgetting, I am sure, your pork ribs will wins over your carrot cake!

Mel said...

And also, wanted to comment in Pudgy Tales (I can't find comment column there so I come here....). That bowl of "Kon Loh Mein" of yours..... though it might just plain looking, you never know until the first scoop into your mouth! (Is the sauce be too watery for dry noodles? Or do you think it should be better to thicken it a little bit?)

hui said...

hi mel ^^ the carrot cake you shared was very very good.. even better than this one.. so you don't have to look any further ^^! i was actually "enticed" by the cream cheese embedded in the "butter" cake, haha.. that's why i gave this a shot. i think the cream cheese part should go well with your carrot cake recipe too ^^
you are right about the sauce being too watery for the noodles.. not that we cared, haha! it was delicious anyways! besides, i haven't a clue how to thicken it! ^^ hopefully you'll share a "how to" post to thicken (without cornstarch!) or make the best of all your sauces in your blog ^^

Chef and Sommelier said...

Hi Hui! Sorry to learn that the cake did not really live up to your expectations... but I have to try it myself before I can comment! :D

hui said...

hi, chef ^^ i'm a little disappointed, but it's still a pretty decent cake ^^ could do with some tweaking and who knows ~ the carrot cake of my dreams could just come true! ^^