Saturday, October 26, 2013

A delicate castella cake ^^

Thanks, mel! I can't believe I made this.. and successfully too, at my first attempt! ^^

I had not planned on making castella cake ever, after reading the difficult steps and many failed- attempts stories. But after mel's text and encouragement to try it, because it tasted really good ^^.. and a re-look into the recipe that she used and also nami's of justonecookbook ^^.. as well as a "technical" discussion with her over whatsapp ^^, I decided to give it a go..

And lo and behold! A beautifully risen, soft and fluffily moist castella cake ~ a perfect cake.. almost, hehe! ^^

Castella cake (inspired by mel@melspantrykitchen, adapted from rotinrice and justonecookbook)
~ makes a small loaf
2 egg whites
70g sugar (MUST REDUCE to 35-40g next time!!!)
2 egg yolks
1.5 tbsp honey +1 tbsp water
60g bread flour (BREAD or HIGH PROTEIN flour only!), sift 2-3 times!

1 tbsp + 1 tbsp water, dissolved

1. Using an electric mixer, whisk egg whites till foamy. Add sugar and beat till stiff and shiny, about 4 MINUTES.

2. Mix in egg yolks till combined.

3. Add honey+water and beat till well combined for 1 MINUTE.

4. Fold in flour gently into the batter using the mixer whisk or by hand using a WHISK.

5. GREASE (MUST! MUST! MUST!!!) baking tin, and line with paper (see here and here). This is important, so that cake doesn't cave in or shrink too much at the sides.

6. Gently pour cake mixture into lined baking tin. Remove bubbles by making a zig zag motion using a skewer, through the batter. Make sure to smooth the surface of the batter before putting it in the oven.

7. Bake in a preheated oven of 155-160C for about 40-45 minutes, or till golden brown, or till throughly baked.

8. Remove cake from baking tin and brush top with honey+water glaze. And immediately wrap it with plastic cling wrap. Place and leave cake overnight in the refrigerator.

9. Slice off and tidy up the sides before serving. Enjoy! ^^  

This cake turned out almost faultless ~ perfect texture, perfect rise, perfect moistness, perfect looks, perfect scent.. and perfect taste too.. if only it wasn't so sweet! I'm sure the sweetness level is pretty acceptable for most people, and if you're having it with green tea or unsugared tea or coffee. Maybe it's just us ~ too much of a sugar rush for us piggies! Even the king of sweet, baby pig commented that it's perfect but too sweet! ^^

i love instagram ^^

Anyway, this was still a very, very enjoyable treat ^^. Perfect with coffee! ^^

p.s. a pix of castella cake from Ginso, bought during our osaka trip last year. my first taste of "real" castella cake and it was just ok for us.. hence never attempted to make it since..that and the fact i still felt jinxed at making something resembling a chiffon cake, haha! ^^||


Mel said...

Hi hui
Hehehe.......Im starting the comment giggling away here. Ive baked this and Ive failed badly ~ we were just conversation thru whatsapp and hence encouragement lifted you up. I am so pleased that you have made it and your cake is so perfectly baked whereas I am still struggling in it. I will try again. Now you can try other flavours now ~ pandan, marbled, green tea, orange.......and maybe you can cut down few grams of sugar too. I think whenever we feel like eating cakes, this cake can be made in a jiffy as it require few ingredients only. I guess your cake sudah habis makan, right. Go....make again. Enjoy your Sunday!

hui said...

Thanks to you and your encouragement, I made this ^^ You are so right about how easy this cake is to whip up whenever one wants cake! Defunitely a to-go recipe minus a half the sugar, haha!
And no, you didnt fail at all..nothing wrong with your technique or cake.. it's just d ungreased paper liners. I would have done the same had you not shared this with me. So there.. you didnt fail at all.. and I'm so lucky to have such a generous baking buddy like you! ^^

Mel said...

Hey Hui
It just click to me suddenly and just want to tell you, maybe next time if you want to bake this again, the 1 tbsp water, you can replace it with mirin (if you have this in your pantry). The mirin will give this cake extra flavour in taste. What do you think this as some castella recipe have some mirin added in too. 8

hui said...

Good idea, mel! Any difference in taste or texture, you think? Hope you are going to share your findings in your blog soon ^^