Saturday, August 18, 2012

End of the road..

It's been one happy roller-coaster month of endless, delicious food and sweets! And I've probably piled on quite a few "unhappy" pounds ^^|| Now to work it off.. by baking! *gulp* just joking! (^^)

To bid adieu, here's some rustic malay sweets/desserts to feast your eyes on.. simple, honest to goodness stuff (^^) And also a picture of my all time favorite finally, a mini version of kuih bakar.. the pistachio-colored, well-burnt and caramelised cake, right in the middle. The other two sweets are new discoveries this ramadan, a gummy-spongy cake with pineapple filling and a mung bean kuih.

Now, don't you think that this is the ugliest kuih/cake/pudding ever?! Yucky color.. dark, murky, mouse-y brown! Definitely not something you'd pick up when there's so many brightly colored cakes to choose from! I was not convinced when the seller said that this sweet is "SEDAP" (delicious).. it's so plain and ugly.. nice try ^^||. But I gave it a shot anyways.. and I was hooked.. mmm, sedap! This mung/green bean jelly/pudding-like sweet is an acquired taste, I think. But if you don't mind the "green" taste of mung bean, you'll love this! (^^) I love it! Fatty hubby too! I'm going to miss this a lot.. 

sweet and savoury delights galore

my favorite food stall ~ meat, fish, curries, veggies ~ i like them all ^^

Well, my happy (ramadan) run officially ends today (><). But I made good while the sun shined! And I'm thankful for the one whole month of delicious food ^^.. and not having to cook! (^^)

Now I need to work my fat ass off! Selamat hari raya aidilfitri, happy holidays and happy weekend, everyone! (^^)

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