Sunday, January 15, 2012

happiness is...

Many things make me happy.. good food, simple food, cheesecakes, potato chips.. but most of all, family who loves food the way I do.

'precious' hanging in all its glory on the fridge door

Well, in case you can't see the text in the pix.. it's 'BEST FOR BAIKING'. Need I say more...

It's from one of my guinea pigs, 3 years ago. So what if he spelled baking wrong.. baby pig was probably 7 then. And you know what, this is my most treasured medal ever! Thank you, baby pig! Cheesecake when papa pig's away, eh?

Since we are on the subject, I must tell you about another one of my guinea pigs, big pig, who eats everything.. and I mean, EVERYTHING... He makes me happy when he eats the things I get right, and more so, when I get it wrong (which is pretty often when I go into my hero mode). Now that he's a teenager with more discerning taste, it's harder to please him.. guess all the more reason to do better!

And of course, chubby pig. who recently rated my butter cake a close 2nd to a popular bakery's cupcake.. and that's because it's frosted, has a beautiful name called vanilla skies and obviously very sweet for my sweet toothed chubby pig. But don't worry, chubby.. I'm working on the best frosting ever.. and a pretty name too.

As you would have noticed AGAIN, I'm really not noted for my cooking. But this year, this will change. I'm ready for the best cook award from fatty hubby:)