Sunday, January 15, 2012

it's gonna be a good year!

I just know it.

And what better to mark 2012 than by doing this? So stay with me.

Home cooked dinners. It's not something I do. Why? Cooking for 2 has no economics of scale value in my opinion. It is not cheaper, neither is it easier. And the fights over who does the washing up after, are not worth it! Hence the very good relationship I have with the kakak who sells food near our place.

But since fatty hubby asked for home cooked dinners recently, I've actually made it my resolution to cook dinner on weekdays as much as I can.. And let it be recorded, I've done just that for the last 2 weeks.. EVERYDAY. Not bad, eh? So what if I cheated a bit with the fried chicken bought from shihlin, I still cooked the veggies! So that counts too!

In the event, I've discovered that I'm a 'creative' cook, as I'm a 'creative' baker. That sounds really good.. but the truth is I turn into some kind of monster when I'm in the kitchen - another me, "the I'm Invincible", takes over. All  this means I NEVER follow recipes through. In all madness, I change the recipes - adding, reducing and omitting ingredients on whims - despite knowing and promising myself not to after the many many misses!

I'm bad when I bake, but I'm worse when I cook.

So I like baking better, and you can probably tell. It's challenging, but more importantly it got me through a very difficult and sad period. It's been almost 7 years since I started baking and I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed every successful bake, and some misses too.

However, my happy run came to an end last year. My guinea pigs decided that they are obese (my fault, papa pig says) and I've been banned from supplying them sweets. So things have been pretty slow.. only the occasional birthday cake.. or when papa pig is away;)

Anyways, writing all this down is really nice. It really is going to be a good year! I know it.