Friday, June 15, 2012

Dreams of a better blog

I have been telling fatty hubby how much I enjoy reading some blogs for the wonderful posts and gorgeous pictures.. and how much I aspire to be like them.

I want that.. very much.

So I hereby promise to work harder on taking better photos, writing.. and all things that will make my blog better. (^^)

So what's the secret really to an interesting blog? Is it the writing? The pictures (a dslr camera?)? The styling? And how much time does one put into writing a successful post/blog? As it is, it already takes FOREVER to write/photo/upload one "amateur" post!

I really, really want my blog to be better. Not so much for others who may come across a post or two.. I don't expect much readers, much less followers (^^||), though I'm pleased that there may be some readers (unwittingly, perhaps? feel free to give me encouragement ^^) out there (^^).. and well, this is kind of a private blog (just me talking to myself, fatty hubby and hopefully, my piggies who might read this one day) because I am a (very) shy  person. So I really want to do better for ME.

I really look up to and aspire to be like my favorite bloggers' ~ some for their interesting posts, some for their fabulous recipes, some for their incredible talent and most for their amazing photos! You can see who they are on the left bar.

david lebovitz - he's perhaps the most "interesting" (he's cautious of the word "best", so I can't use that) baker/blogger/story-teller in the blogosphere. He can write pages of stuff, and I'll be reading every word.. yes, that's how good he is.  

daily delicious ~ she's so amazing and talented ~ she's inspiring! i wish i have her patience and talent

smitten kitchen ~  i love the way she writes, makes everything do-able, and love love love her pictures too

she who eats ~ she takes the most incredibly gorgeous photos! she's no cannelle et vanille or la tartine gourmande, but she's great!

cook republic ~ i really like her "earthy" pictures

call me cupcake ~ another of the super talented! her work, recipes and photos are out of this world!

dreamer's loft ~ she's a real source of comfort ~ that it's ok not to have amazing dslr pictures, and still have a good, interesting blog ^^

desserts for breakfast and seven spoons~ i love their styling

indian simmer (a recent find + favorite) ~ i love everything about her blog! it's so alive and robust!

I'm know I'm incredibly greedy! I want to be like all of them! I want my posts and photos to "POP" (^^) ~ to be exciting and interesting! hearty and robust, yet also tender and sweet.. tall order, eh? (^^||)

It's a long way, I know.. but I'll get there one day (^^).. maybe not perfect, but definitely better.

p.s. until I get there, know that I'm working on it (^^)

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