Sunday, June 3, 2012

A perfect dessert on a hot day ~ longan pudding

The weather's been insanely hot and suffocating lately!

It's so bad that I have been religiously boiling and chilling the simple barley fuzhok drink and mung bean dessert to "cool" down (don't we all have 101 reasons for sweet indulgences ^^||) .. I can't tell that it works, but I sure know it tastes deliciously cold and refreshing on a hot day (^^)!      

Anyways, I came across this dessert in wendyinkk's blog recently and thought that it would be nice and refreshing for hot days like these. Check out her recipe here.

The longan pudding is really delicious! Velvety soft, with a mild taste of soymilk and longan.. think panna cotta. Just the way I like it (^^).

"sweating" under the sweltering heat!

Oh, yes! I reduced the sugar to 170g instead of using 250g as per recipe. I feel the sweetness is just about right for me. I recommend you reduce the sugar for this recipe, and if you find that it's not sweet enough for you, just add more longan syrup to taste ^^. And since I like my puddings wobbly soft and silken like panna cotta, I used only 3/4tbsp of agar-agar powder. Now, it's perfect for me (^^)!

And if you want this dessert to be even more fabulous, make sure you have another can of longan. Serve the extra chilled longan pieces with the pudding. Sheer bliss! (^^)

Smooth as silk, light as air ~ a perfect dessert on a hot day! (^^) love! love! love!

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