Friday, February 17, 2012

Cordyceps soup

I'm really not big on soups. And definitely not chinese herbal soups.

But fatty hubby is. He was practically fed nutritious soup daily by his mama, till he married me. And I don't do soups.. Anyways, while I was out shopping with a friend at a chinese medical hall cum supermarket, we came across this bag of readily assembled herbs to make soup. All you need to do is the add meat and a nutritious soup is ready for consumption. So I thought I'd make some for fatty.. and myself too, since I felt faint twice yesterday. Probably, low blood pressure again..can do with some nourishment, I think.

Unfortunately, the cordyceps soup is not my cup of tea.I really don't like the smell and taste of most chinese herbs. Mum didn't use much of chinese herbs in her cooking and not growing up on such things, haven't exactly endeared me to these kind of ingredients. Though the cordyceps was ok (it doesn't have much smell or taste), the herb sachet smelled horrid. I couldn't stand the smell and took it out of the soup almost immediately after putting it in!

Anyways, no worries. I added grated ginger, minced garlic, yamasa soy sauce and mirin to the cordyceps soup and VOILA! we have a yummy soup that tastes a teeny weeny bit of bak kut teh soup. A delicately sweet (added loads of pork spare ribs) nourishing soup for fatty hubby and me!

Fatty likes! So do I!