Friday, February 10, 2012

Grilled pork ribs (doeji kalbi gui)

I love korean grilled meat.

But I don't always get to order bbq at our favorite korean restaurants, as there's usually a minimum order of 2 portions of meat required.. which is just too much for fatty hubby and me. So we usually end up eating our other favorite korean dishes like bibimbap and yuk gae jang.

I've always had a soft spot for korean food.. ok, I'm MAD about korean food.. and dramas and almost all things korean!!! There's a robustness and homey-ness about korean dishes that is oh-so familiar and endearing. Perhaps it's the use of garlic, ginger and chilli powder that evokes such "warm" feelings. Whatever it is, it is hitting the best spot in my belly (^^). 

I was not planning on cooking doeji kalbi gui today. But I suddenly remembered to look up my favorite korean recipe book, korean favorites ~ periplus mini cookbook.. and found this scrumptious spicy dish.

Grilled Pork Ribs ~ Doeji Kalbi Gui

As there's no mention on how to cook the meat using the oven in the recipe, I used the grill function at 200 degrees Celcius, and grilled for 30 minutes. And even though I didn't turn the meat, it still cooked perfectly.

This is a really easy, and delicious dish to prepare. Best served with hot rice. My kind of dinner ~ a hot 'n spicy dish with rice (^^|||).. yums!

Hot and piquant on its own, but even better with rice!